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Watch Your Data Turn Into Actionable Insights
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Get To Know Your Customers
And Start Driving Results

Curve will automatically tag your events, collect your granular, raw data and empower you to make better decisions
with machine-learning-based insights.

Single-user View<br />
Across Devices

Single-user View
Across Devices

Utilizing auto-tagging, Curve collects
all granular user behavior and
journey data, down to a single use!
Curve provides you with in-depth analysis
based on any segment, cohort or level,
and across all platforms’ activity.

Real-Time<br />


Dive into a single view of your users
and track their journey, or get the
bigger picture with cohorts,
segmentations and funnels.
Curve BI systems will help you detect
trends and patterns or anomalies, helping you
optimize and maximize Lifetime Value.

Engagement<br />
Action Center

Action Center

Make the most out of your insights
and trigger the right message to
the right users at the right time.

Create rules, restore users with
special offers and send emails, SMS
or Push notifications directly
from your dashboard.

All Of Your Favourite Tools Are Already Integrated

Create rules, segmentations and automated actions based on real-time insights, straight from your dashboard.

Get Insights On Metrics
That Matter to YOU

<b>The Marketer</b>
The Marketer
Improve your marketing automation, user retention and customer LTV without spending money on a developer.

The Marketer

Look at details such as funnels, attribution, traffic channels, cohorts, segments, single-user view, user journey and much more.

Easily create rules and automations, restore users, send special offers, SMS and send emails or push notifications directly from your customized dashboard.

<b>The Analyst</b>
The Analyst
Spend your time analyzing and extracting value from your data, rather than trying to obtain it and organize it.
The Analyst

Customize your dashboard for a clearer view of the metrics that enhance your insights, like cohorts, segmentation and user journey.

Make strategic decisions on how to grow your business with all of your granular, raw data in one place. Segment it in any way you’d like.

<b>The Product Manager</b>
The Product Manager
Track and optimize the performance and functionality of your product across any platform and device.

The Product Manager

Monitor your product behavior in real-time and get crucial information, such as crash analytics, error reports, funnels and user behaviors.

Curve empowers you to improve your product so you can make better decisions and enhancements based on real-time and aggregated data.

BI That Adapts To Your Business

E-commerce, Travel, Insurance, Gaming and other sectors have already chosen Curve to improve their results.
Take a look at some of them:

Don’t Take Our Word For It

  • We've worked with several user funnel solutions and each provided us with actionable insights on marketing, UX, product and Q&A. Curve was the only solution capable of supporting all of our organization's needs.

    Ori Zimber
    Ori Zimber CEO
  • Real-time user data is the driver for increasing lifetime customer value.
    Curve delivers real-time data faster and more efficiently, enabling us to optimize our app performance when it matters most.

    Eyal Moskovich
    Eyal Moskovich CEO
  • Curve provided us with more data, and by highlighting our users' real-time behavior, it allowed us to optimize all of our mobile apps across OS ad platforms faster, based on better, more relevant data.

    Amit Greener
    Amit Greener CMO & COO

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