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  • Conversion Rates
  • Pricing and Customer Engagement
  • Campaign ROI
  • Your Customer Journey
  • User LTV

Machine Learning

That Works With You And For You

Curve uses machine learning technology to help you become a better merchant, increase sales and simplify even the most complex marketing operations


Curve provides accurate forecasts on the number of visitors expected to visit your site tomorrow, what they will buy and how their future purchasing activities can be maximized. Curve also provides you with predictive insights on inventory management that will save you money, enable you to prepare for special events and much more – all relevant information will be yours, ahead of time.

Unlike other solutions on the market, our technology is easy-to-use, designed with the business user in mind. You do not have to be a data scientist to understand and use Curve. Our solution is friendly for marketers, analysts, product managers – even for a single merchant.

<b>The Marketer</b>
The Marketer
Curve gives you a growth-marketing toolkit of machine learning and marketing automation technology to manage modern data-driven marketing and grow your business.
The Marketer
Curve Insights uses machine learning to dive deep into your data and produce meaningful audience predictions you can use to increase user retention and LTV without a developer’s help.
<b>The Analyst</b>
The Analyst
Customize your dashboard for a clearer view of the metrics that enhance your insights, like audiences, segmentation and user journey.
The Analyst
Gather all your granular data in one place and use smart audience segmentation to organize it any way you want. Track patterns and make predictions that help grow your business.
<b>The Product Manager</b>
The Product Manager
Monitor your product behavior and usage patterns in real-time and get crucial information, such as crash analytics, error reports, funnels and user behaviors.
The Product Manager
Curve empowers you to improve your product by giving you smart feedback, so you can make better decisions and enhancements based on real-time, cross platform and aggregated data.

Let us push you ahead of the Curve, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

All Of Your Favorite Tools Are Already Integrated

Create rules, segments and automated actions based on real-time insights, straight from your dashboard.

Know the future now!

eCommerce, Travel, Insurance and other sectors have already chosen Curve.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

  • We've worked with several user funnel solutions and each provided us with actionable insights on marketing, UX, product and Q&A. Curve was the only solution capable of supporting all of our organization's needs.

    Ori Zimber
    Ori Zimber CEO
  • Real-time user data is the driver for increasing lifetime customer value.
    Curve delivers real-time data faster and more efficiently, enabling us to optimize our app performance when it matters most.

    Eyal Moskovich
    Eyal Moskovich CEO
  • Curve provided us with more data, and by highlighting our users' real-time behavior, it allowed us to optimize all of our mobile apps across OS ad platforms faster, based on better, more relevant data.

    Amit Greener
    Amit Greener CMO & COO

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