Connecting Your Growth Insights
with All of Your Favourite Tools

What good is your data if you can’t put it to use where it matters most?
Curve’s range of 3rd­ party integrations gives you the full picture, wherever you are, so you can create the best, personalized, customer experience possible.

Segmenting Your Email Lists
Has Never Been Easier

Curve puts you back in control; no developers needed: Use the data you’ve collected to automatically add or remove users from email lists based on their real­time behavior. Segment your lists based on the information that matters to you, so you can get as personalized and customized as possible.
You can also track your email­-marketing performance and much more.

How Smart Growth Marketers Use Curve With Email:

For example – Let’s say you want to mark your big spenders as VIPs or incentivise users who opened your payment page 3 times over the last week but didn’t complete the purchase.

Just create a special list with Curve and use MailChimp to run a dedicated campaign.

That’s only one example of how Curve Email Marketing Integration drives your growth.

Unleash the Potential Of Your CRM
by Feeding It with Data

Your CRM is only as good as the information you feed it with.
Enrich your CRM customer profiles with the user-behavior data collected.

Curve automatically updates your CRM based on rules you set up and you can

add CRM information to your Curve dashboard to get a perfect perspective in the  single-user view

How Smart Growth Marketers Use Curve With Email:

Add website registrations as leads and have them automatically moved to the Opportunity List once they’ve performed a specific set of actions (e.g read an article, registered for a trial and visited the FAQ page 3 times).

Import user’s journey history so you know exactly what they’ve done.

It’s all about getting as personal as possible with your users, quickly and effortlessly..

Prioritize Customer Support Cases
and Understand Exactly What Went Wrong

When you know your users, the steps they’ve taken, and the errors they’ve gotten, it’s easier to support and communicate with them. Curve’s customer support integration allows you to prioritize cases based on user behavior and provides you with all the information you need to help them out.

How Smart Growth Marketers Use Curve With Support Clients:

Your support ticket came from someone who has over $100 worth of products in their shopping cart? Flag this ticket as urgent so you can respond immediately.
Need to understand what the user did or saw? No problem.

Curve will add the customer’s journey, including the errors encountered.

Isn’t it easier to help someone when you have complete information to work with?

Work Smarter and Faster
with a Range of Integrated Tools

Automatically export and send reports to your favorite cloud storage apps directly from the dashboard and share it with the right people. Send event­based automated notifications on Slack to get the relevant people working on what needs to be addressed.
With Curve, everything you need to make your life easier has already been integrated.

Couldn’t Find the Tool You Love Best?

We keep adding more and more 3rd-­party integrations every day and not all of them are listed here. If you want to check whether we support a specific integration, or if you’d like to suggest new ones, we’ll be more than happy to hear all about it:

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