Remember being told that the future is shrouded in a fog?

That it is impossible to know for certain what might happen in an hour, a day, a week or even a year?

It wasn’t so long ago that Business Intelligence (BI) software came along and opened the world to more insights and knowledge. But even BI can’t give you the information you need, in real-time. Even with BI, you can only know whether you made the right choice or whether a decision paid off, in hindsight. At the very best, the lessons learned through BI can be applied to future business decisions – but without much needed clarification and flexibility.

At Curve, we want the fog to dissipate completely.
By applying our machine learning technology to enable correct use and analysis of collected data – we have done just that.

With Curve, your business’ future is clearer than ever, right now.

Who We Are

Roei Livneh – Founder & CEO

The Founder of Gingee Games and former Product Manager at Plarium Games, Roei knows what businesses need to succeed – and drives innovation throughout the Curve team.

Michal Minitzer Cohen – CMO

Michal has vast experience in everything marketing, having worked extensively with all types of hi-tech businesses, from professional services (EY, Finnegan) to starts ups (TopTier, NICE, Kryon Systems) and VC (Sequoia).

Yael Baron – COO  

After launching a successful career in the world of sports broadcasting and working as an investigative reporter and researcher for Reshet, one of Israel’s leading TV networks, Yael made a savvy shift to the field of business development. She joined Gingee Games in 2014 and currently assumes the role of Curve Chief Operating Officer, acting as deputy CEO and leading strategic initiatives.

Elinor Schmorak – CCO

Elinor harnesses her vast experience serving in various positions within the online industry to understand and fulfill her customers’ needs, seamlessly and effortlessly. Through her tenure in CRM management to establishing a product marketing team and later, a sales ops department, her stellar reputation proceeds her. Elinor holds a BA in Behavioural Science and MA in Organizational Studies.

Shai Cohen – VP Sales

Shai Cohen serves as Curve’s VP Sales. He endeavors to provide retailers and e-merchants with an unbiased and accurate sales prediction Solution that delivers clear estimates of future demand and product inventory neds – by time, product , category and location.
Prior to Curve, Shai held the Cloud Unit Manager position at IBM Israel, where he oversaw the management of IBM’s public and private Clouds, Watson AI and Blockchain solutions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA, both from the Technion.

Yuval Tori – Chief Commercial Officer

Yuval has over 18 years of international business development experience in various enterprise markets. Prior to Curve, Yuval was EVP and GM at Prime Focus Technologies, where he focused on growing the company’s business in the EMEA markets. Earlier, he was with Pilat Media, Amdocs and Comverse where he successfully led sales, business development and alliances teams. Yuval is also a former lawyer with specialization in company law and torts. He holds an MBA, LLB and BA in Economics degrees.

Our Story

Like most stories, Curve was born out of personal pain
In 2011, faced by the challenging fragmentation of devices, operating systems and versions, our CEO and founder, Roei Livneh, started a company called Gingee – a service for building apps and converting them to run seamlessly on all operating systems and devices.
But something was missing…
Our clients could build anything and easily convert it across various OSs and versions, but they couldn’t analyze their apps and products in a holistic, cross-organizational way. There was too much data, it was spread across too many different analytical platforms and stored in isolation from any other tool they were using. It made it hard to get real insights. It made it even harder to take the right actions.
And then along came Curve
In 2014, having recognized the need for a unified dashboard for the entire organization–one able to track, analyze and provide actionable insights- Roei and the team built Curve.

Curve empowers all growth teams to collect, understand and act on user data, in order to create a better customer experience and increase customers’ Life-Time Value. Curve does so by getting the right metrics, across all platforms and in real-time, from a single customized dashboard.

But it doesn’t end there…

At Curve, we understand there is no substitute for the marketer or growth expert when it comes to insights, building experiments and optimization, but we also know there’s no reason for businesses to waste valuable time tagging events and looking at the wrong data points.
That is why we introduced Auto-Tagging and Curve Automated Insights. These features provide businesses with machine-learning automated insights derived from existing and analyzed customer-journey patterns – all in real time.

Our Mission

Empowering businesses to know the future of their customers’ experience now and use the data collected to drive consumer engagement, conversions, retention and lifetime value exponentially


  • Curve provided us with more data, and by highlighting our users' real-time behavior, it allowed us to optimize all of our mobile apps across OS ad platforms faster, based on better, more relevant data.

    Amit Greener
    Amit Greener CMO & COO
  • Real-time user data is the driver for increasing lifetime customer value.
    Curve delivers real-time data faster and more efficiently, enabling us to optimize our app performance when it matters most.

    Eyal Moskovich
    Eyal Moskovich CEO
  • We've worked with several user funnel solutions and each provided us with actionable insights on marketing, UX, product and Q&A. Curve was the only solution capable of supporting all of our organization's needs.

    Ori Zimber
    Ori Zimber CEO