eCommerce retailers have traditionally found it difficult to estimate future demand for their products and determine how their inventory can best serve both online and offline shoppers.

To answer some of these retail challenges Curve Tech has developed a proprietary solution that provides eCommerce businesses with accurate sales forecasts, allowing them to take appropriate action, ensuring maximum sales and ROI.

Our technology is easy-to-use and designed with the business user in mind. Our decision engine uses machine learning and predictive algorithms to build valuable insights in real time that can be used to take instant action that positively impacts a brand’s bottom line.


Tamir Levinas – CEO

Tamir’s mission is to take Curve to the next level and be a standard in Sales Prediction technology. Tamir served as the COO and Founder of Oasis (part of the Telrad Group). He previously worked as a network technical manager at Internet Gold. Established several startups in the communication field, including Oasis. In past few years he has also served as CTO at IBC.

Tamir holds a BA degree in Business Management and Information Systems from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Shai Cohen – VP Sales

Shai serves as Curve’s VP Sales. He endeavors to provide retailers and e-merchants with an unbiased and accurate sales prediction Solution that delivers clear estimates of future demand and product inventory needs – by time, product, category, and location. Prior to Curve, Shai held the Cloud Unit Manager position at IBM Israel, where he oversaw the management of IBM’s public and private Clouds, Watson AI and Blockchain solutions. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA, both from the Technion.

Boaz Lowenstein – CTO

Boaz oversees all things technology at Curve. Previously serving as the CTO of Xfone. Boaz has worked at various large high tech companies, he holds degrees from Ruppin College and the Open University.

Michal Minitzer Cohen – CMO

Michal has vast experience in everything marketing, having worked extensively with all types of hi-tech businesses, from professional services (EY, Finnegan) to starts-ups (TopTier, NICE, Kryon Systems) and VC (Sequoia).

Yael Baron – Head of People and Operations

After launching a successful career in the world of sports broadcasting and working as an investigative reporter and researcher for Reshet, one of Israel’s leading TV networks, Yael made a savvy shift to the field of business development. She joined Gingee Games in 2014 and currently assumes the role of Curve Chief Operating Officer, acting as VP HR and leading strategic initiatives.

Elinor Schmorak – CCO

Elinor harnesses her vast experience serving in various positions within the online industry to understand and fulfil her customers’ needs, seamlessly and effortlessly. Through her tenure in CRM management to establishing a product marketing team and later, a sales ops department, her stellar reputation proceeds her. Elinor holds a BA in Behavioural Science and MA in Organizational Studies.


We’ve made it our mission to empower businesses with world-class sales forecasting technology needed to increase customer engagement, conversions, retention, and lifetime value.