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Sales Predictions – How Companies can leverage Machine Learning to improve planning in Uncertain Times

By Tal Eden, Chief Data Scientist at Curve.tech Predictions Machine Learning is the ability of computers or machines to learn without being explicitly programmed. Arthur Samuel Supervised learning is a specific field of machine learning in which a machine learns to label data based on a set of prelabeled examples. Sales prediction is a specific […]

10 Essential Statistics Retail Marketers Need to Know for 2019

Accurate analytics and up-to-date statistics are some of the most valuable assets in a marketer’s toolset. They help you understand consumer behaviors, refine your marketing strategies and make accurate sale predictions. Today, it’s a well-known fact that the consumer journey begins online, but according to the latest statistics, that journey can end in numerous ways, […]

The Future of Retail Sales – Curve's Trends, Forecasts & Statistics

For most businesses, the difference between success and failure lies in meticulous planning. When it comes to retail businesses, that couldn’t be more accurate. Sales forecasts are essential in planning the development of your retail business, to avoid running out of stock and risk losing business, and it helps you avoid overstock which can hinder […]