Say Goodbye to Tagging

Let Curve do the heavy lifting for you. Our simple and seamless integration covers every user action.
No need for tagging or writing SQL codes

Get an Answer to Any Question
Without Tagging or Writing Codes

Forget about the days when you had to tag events and wait for the data to be collected for you to get the right metrics. Curve’s Auto­Tagging is a smart, machine ­learning feature that collects all the granular raw data for you (down to the single user).
Get an instant visual report for any segmentation, cohort and funnel you need, the way you want to look at it.

Unify All of Your Metrics
Into One Dashboard

Your users are your users, no matter where they are. So why do you need different tools to track their activity across different platforms? Curve understands that in order to get the full picture, you need all of your metrics in one place and in real-time.



All of your iOS, Android and Web assets are seamlessly integrated. Compare platforms, operating systems and even versions, so you can focus on what matters the most.
Real Time

Real Time

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Understand what’s happening with your products and users in real time and take actions to optimize your results.


Take control. Create your own reports and look at the things that matter to you. Curve’s dashboard is 100% customizable to your needs.

Know Your Own Product
Don’t Let Your Users Drop Out

Find out if your users are dropping out because of technical error. Know what your buggiest version or operating system are, and understand what errors cost you the most so you can focus on the things that matters.
Curve gives you the tools to find errors faster, create a better user experience, improve flow, reduce abandonment rates and
address issues efficiently – all in real time.

Increase Your Customer LTV
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You Are One Line of Code Away From
Understanding Your Users

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