Get Your Competitive Advantage
By Wielding The Right Insights

Spend your budget more wisely, allocate your resources more efficiently, and offer better value to your customers with Curve’s wide range of actionable, real­time insights.

Introducing Insightful
Your Personal Insight Consultant

Don’t waste time looking at the wrong data points.
Let Insightful point you in the right direction.
Insightful is driven by a machine learning algorithm that will automatically tag your events, analyze your customer-journey patterns, and suggest insight-driven predictions for optimizing YOUR customer lifetime value.
Now that is what we mean by “tasty insights to bite on!”

Get To Know Your Customers
By Mining Behavioral Patterns

Dive into a single user’s interactions and track their journey, or explore the bigger picture with audiences, segmentations and rankings. Curve BI systems’ machine learning algorithm will help you detect trends and patterns or anomalies, allowing you to optimize and maximize Lifetime Value.



Segment your data any way you like it and get answers to your most burning user questions.


Understand how your users move down your app and pinpoint where you lose them.


Be pixel accurate. Track each and every move your users make within your product with a smart algorithm that learns how to optimize your visitors.

Focus On The Marketing Campaigns
That Actually Work

Some campaigns bring a lot of traffic and generate leads, but few drive higher revenues. Curve’s machine learning algorithm coupled with marketing automation links every marketing campaign to conversions. By segmenting results, Curve can predict user behavior so that you can focus your efforts and budget on the most effective channels and ads.

Increase Your Customer LTV
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