What is The Right e-Commerce Platform for You?

As an online retail business owner, there’s certainly no lack of amazing e-commerce platforms available to choose from. So the question remains; How do you choose the right platform for your business? Some may have a bit of experience on the technical side and would prefer to have full control over every feature, while others may not have the necessary skill and would like everything laid out in front of them, plain and simple. We’ve put together a quick overview of today’s top e-commerce platform, to give you a bird’s eye view and help you make sense of the best fit for your business.


When trying to choose the right platform for your business, of course, you want the best. However, the best for someone else might not be the best for you. BigCommerce may be slightly more on the pricer side coming in at $29.95 dollars a month. The main question although is why would you pick Big Commerce for your business? The answer is its staff accounts. It may not seem like a big deal but if your business had five employees that need access to the account Shopify’s two won’t cut it. It also has clear directions on how to set up your business with 24/7 live chat support and if you’re starting that can be a blessing.


WooCommerce is generally a tier up from the novice at a business it is a bit more advanced. While it is not the most beginners friendly, it offers a lot more features. It is a Word Press website, and you will have to buy a domain name. It does get a bit technical but allows you to completely customize everything about your website and make it your own. It even comes off the top with its SEO. The best part, however, is that it is completely free with no extra transactions. It does not, however, compare with big commerce over features but what you get for the price is worth it.

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Magento was one of the first e-Commerce websites on the market and has dominated it since then till 2014 when Shopify’s surpassed it in terms of popularity. Magneto is mostly free, but they do have a paid version for a large e-commerce business which does get expensive but offers a large number of advantages. It has a lot of users on it who will help you out for a small fee or even give you some free advice for free to help your site up. It has been used by many large brands like Nike, and gamble.


Shopify has built a huge fan base for itself beating out magneto in the popularity, coming out on top and maintaining that crown as of 2019. It has a quick and easy setup process with a dashboard for adding products easily. When you sign up to Shopify, it even allows you to import your products from any other platform you were previously using. Everything on their website is easily accessible, and their goal is to allow anyone to launch their business without needing development or design skills. It has 24/7 live chat support as well as unlimited storage, product orders, etc. It offers great flexibility, and you will be to launch any business.
While it can be a difficult and grueling process to choose the right platform, it’s always best to pick one that you are most comfortable with, and that can handle your needs. You don’t need to pay for features you don’t use so it’s better to start small and upgrade as your business grows.