Whether we like it or not, website visitors can be erratic. While it might seem like it doesn’t affect anything, in the long-run, your website bounce rate and conversion are definitely hampered when visitor traffic is uncertain.
Proper sales optimization doesn’t only mean optimizing your website for more conversion, but also to understand how visitors interact with your eCommerce site and predicting future sales trends.
In case you’re wondering how exactly you can best predict future sales and optimize your eCommerce site efficiently, here are some eCommerce solutions that you can implement in your store today.
Chances are you wouldn’t buy something from a first-time seller, would you? We all prefer to purchase from trustworthy sources. The best way to build trust from your customers is by adding honest customer reviews.

If possible, ask your customers for a review, especially if they enjoyed the product and your service went above their expectations. Also, make sure that your customers can rate your product after they buy it from your site.  A product with more than 20 reviews can see a conversion rate of 83.85% or higher.
While you are trying hard to increase your conversion rate, you should make your website visually attractive. This means in addition to including pictures, mix it up by adding video content as well. This will help you to take your sales to the next level.

You can also add in some video testimonials of your product or satisfied customers. In case you don’t have them, create attractive videos of your products and put them on your site. Depending on your product, you can also create attractive animation videos to capture your visitor’s attention.
Since we’re talking about valuable ways to optimize your eCommerce sales, you absolutely can’t neglect integrating 3rd party solutions that give you a winning edge. A few of the most notable include:
HotJar -Which allows you to capture real-time visitor interactions and website heat maps, to truly see how visitors are interacting with your site.
Google Analytics – Running an online business today, or any online site for that matter without Google Analytics just doesn’t make sense. Google Analytics should be your ‘go-to’ analytics dashboard to get an understanding of your current and past site trends.
Woopra – This analytics solution is a real-time customer analytics service used by sales, service and marketing teams. The platform is designed to help organizations optimize the customer life-cycle by delivering live, granular behavioral data for individual website visitors and customers.
Curve – Why only see past or current sales trends when you can look ahead and predict the future? Curve’s Sales Optimization machine learning technology enables sellers to take action based on real-time machine learning insights and analysis.
Providing discounts and special deals for your customers drawS in more crowds and keeps them on your site longer. Consistently focusing on the right products to feature and offer discounts needs to be a prominent part of your website. If you have any special deals, especially during Christmas or the holiday season, make sure you highlight that as well. Which leads us to…
While it might seem odd, 39% of your customers leave your site because you are not offering free shipping. Additionally, free shipping encourages 93% of your shoppers to stay and shop on your website. Well, now that you know it, offer free shipping and let it known throughout your site. You can add a banner on top saying that the site offers free shipping.
One of the main reasons why older demographics prefer brick and mortar stores over an online store is the presence of an actual store clerk. They would be there to provide answers to the questions of the customers.

With technology, you can also implement this in your online store. All you need to do is add in the live chat features. That way, when new audience visit, you would know about it and offer them live answers if needed.
When shopping online, we absolutely need to feel secure about our purchase, and so does your customers. Since more and more eCommerce websites are flooding the market, security measures have also increased. Basic SSL is required if you want people to pay through your website. Moreover, you also need to make sure that each transaction is processed through a secured channel and your customers and ensure your customers about this.
Adding security badges from different payment gateways and credit card companies would help your customers to feel safe. Moreover, make sure that your site is free from any virus, as people tend to notice that too.
By implementing the above-mentioned strategies and solutions, you’re sure to start seeing increased sales and conversion rates over time. Keep in mind that the data and information you generate is only as useful as the way you use it, so measure and optimize constantly.