eCommerce Solutions

We offer our solution in easy to use

modules – suited to your business needs.

Customer Journey
User Engagement Optimization

This module predicts the optimized price point, specific offering, point in the customer journey and more to help the merchant optimize conversion AND upsell

Maximize Conversion

Optimal Pricing Models – What price is optimal for the product?

Coupons , Freebies, Premiums (buy one get one free) – what to offer customers to close a sale

Display (Ads, Colors, Text) – We can tell you what colors to use in your storefront as well as text and format that targets your customers

Affiliation – Tell your affiliates what products to display to ensure click through and sales

Direct / Organic Engagement (email, SMS) – How best to approach your customers and through what channels.

Sales Optimization

by Curve

Wouldn’t it be great to know your product sales future ahead of time, so you could prepare your inventory accordingly, upsell better and earn more?


With the Curve Sales Optimization, you enjoy a comprehensive prediction of your entire product sales future (day, week and month) and optimized product and/or service bundling, today.

Optimize Sales

Product Sales Prediction – Anticipate your sales outlook for the upcoming day, week and month ahead.

Upsell – Know which products to offer together to increase sales.

Strong/Weak Days – Curve can tell you which days will have strong or weak sales – helping you plan your strategy as well as know which products will sell and which ones you need to market more.

Events/Holidays – Optimize your offering ahead of events and holidays.

Shopping cart value optimization point – Learn the optimal value (money or items) a cart should have in order for it to close.

Campaign Optimization

Predict your planned campaign performance and optimize based on predictive insights

Maximize ROI on Digital Campaigns

Campaign results prediction – we can tell you whether a campaign will be successful or will fail – enabling you to choose where to focus your campaign money (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc)

Display : We can tell you what colors to use in your campaign as well as text and format that targets your customers

Reviews optimization : a big part of your budget goes to influencers , Curve’s technology can tell you which influencer to target for the best ROI.

Customized Sector Solutions

At Curve we believe that every sector can benefit from our technology, gaming, insurance, healthcare, travel and more. If you would like to hear more about our customized sector technology please contact us for more information.