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Is Curve integrated with other tools I’m already using?

Indeed! Curve’s platform is already fully integrated with your favorite CRMs, support desks, email services, and much more.

Couldn’t find your favorite tool or wondering if we are integrated with yours? Contact us and tell us all about it. We’re always happy to learn and expand our reach, so you can expand yours.

Will Curve benefit my business/sector?

Curve has been proven to work well for businesses in any sector and industry. Our platform’s machine learning capability quickly adapts to any business’ unique needs and varying user behavior patterns.

Leading companies in e-commerce, travel, insurance, gaming, and other industries have already chosen Curve to improve their results and increase their customers’ lifetime value.

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Do you work with enterprises or larger organizations?

We sure do. We understand that larger organizations have specific needs and require unique integrations or installations. We have a dedicated team that will work closely with your organization and accommodate its particular needs and requirements.

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Please explain your modules.

Curve is a comprehensive business driving platform that integrates several modules for eCommerce, customer support and customized sectors. From user engagement optimization and product correlation, to support prediction optimization and more, our modules seek to provide your business with the knowledge it needs now, to drive tomorrow’s business forward.

For more information on our modules and pricing, click here.

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Do you have an app for other eCommerce platforms?

Yes! Our apps for other eCommerce platforms are currently in development.

Please contact us  for more information.

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