How To Plan Ahead For Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Success

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Prepare for your business future now and drive your upcoming special event & holiday sales ahead of the Curve.

Special sales events and holiday seasons can quite a challenge for retail business owners of all shapes and sizes. From determining how much inventory you’ll need and what prices you’ll sell at to coming up with a conversion-driving marketing campaign and more, preparation for special events and holidays holds within it the potential to take your business to the next level, or leave you floundering in excess goods, disgruntled customers and a sea of confusion and despair.
To get ahead of the Curve, you’re going to need to plan ahead for sales event success.
Curve can help you do just that. Here’s how:

Optimize your offering for ultimate user engagement

Imagine a new potential customer visits your e-store, scrolling through endless products, with no real differentiation indicated, or exciting offer to draw in their eye. That website visitor will more than likely bounce, even if your products are pretty cool.
But, what if you could know your upcoming sales forecast ahead of time, like now? Curve’s solution harnesses machine learning to predict the optimized price point, personalized offering, point in the customer journey and more, so you can engage with your users, sell better, upsell and scale, today. With Curve, you’ll know how to approach your customers (on site, through email and SMS) and which promotions and freebies they’ll respond to, before the next holiday season or special event begins.

Optimize special event offerings through product correlation

You likely know this scenario well: every e-commerce store has its best sellers and its weaker products, the ones that tend to be left over at the end of each season, the ones that it seems no one wants to buy, even if they’d really benefit from them in the long run.
What if you could offer best sellers and sales “duds” together as an upsell bundle to increase profits and move your products off the shelves during your next special event or holiday season? With Curve’s Product Correlation module, you enjoy a comprehensive prediction of your entire product sales future and optimized product and/or service bundling, to maximize engagement, conversion and sales now!

Optimize campaign performance to attract new & return customers

Tired of spending countless hours and extreme effort on special event and holiday marketing campaigns, only to find they’re not attracting your target audience? While you may know how to market your offering on regular days, when it’s special sales time and the entire retail world is waving its marketing materials in consumers’ faces, you’re going to have to step up your game.
Predict your planned campaign performance, optimize your campaigns based on predictive insights and get your business ahead of the Curve. With Curve, you can maximize your ROI during special events and holidays by discovering which visual elements will target your customers and reel them in, where to focus your budget and where you can find the target influencers that will boost your exposure – and your profit margins.

The Curve solution

Savvy e-businesses of the present – and future, you deserve to know your retail future today.
Enjoy comprehensive prediction of your entire product sales future, as well as optimized product and/or service bundling, driving increased sales during special events and holiday seasons, with Curve.
Curve’s technology lets you know which tags works best, which product bundles will drive the most sales, what marketing campaign will result in the best results and when to act.
Let us push your business ahead of the Curve. Click here for more information.