How to Sell Better & Earn More?

How to Sell Better & Earn More?
Get your e-business ahead of the Curve by adopting one – or more of these top sales & marketing methods.

Business success in a nutshell

The goal of every business is to continuously and seamlessly complete sales. And since it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to retain an existing one, it is in your interests to attract new leads, entice them with the best possible products and services and ensure they buy your offering, again and again, preferably in the form of large, ROI driving transactions. But what are the best ways to increase customer satisfaction, revenues and retention?

Method #1 – Nurture customer loyalty

When customers feel that they are in good hands, they will be more inclined to make return purchases. As such, fostering customer loyalty boils down to providing really great customer service ON TOP of ensuring low prices, high-quality products, stellar logistics, etc. That way, the customer knows he has who to turn to throughout sales journey – and will become & remain a loyal customer.

Method #2 – Upsell to provide a better customer experience

Upselling means selling a more expensive or feature-rich version of what the customer initially seeks to buy. When packaged right, upselling makes your customers feel like they are acquiring a more valuable, helpful and useful item. This makes them feel that their overall purchasing and user experience is more satisfactory, while driving increased revenues to your business. A win-win for all.

Method #3 – The Curve solution

Next generation e-businesses, why settle for one sales strategy, when you can harness both to get your business over the Curve? With Curve <insert link>, you enjoy comprehensive prediction of your entire product sales future, as well as optimized product and/or service bundling, driving increased sales value AND customer loyalty:

  • Product Sales Prediction – Curve’s machine learning-based predictions help you plan your marketing activities – and your inventory accordingly.
  • Upsell Bundles –Curve’s machine learning technology helps you bundle together products into custom-created upsell bundles your customers want to buy now.
  • Events/Holidays: Curve’s technology lets you know which tags works best, which product bundles will drive the most sales, what marketing campaign will result in the best results and when to act.
  • Shopping cart value optimization: Learn the optimal value (money or items) a cart should have in order for it to close.

Let us push your business ahead of the Curve. Click here <insert link> for more information.