Optimize Engagement
With Better Customer Experience

Keep your customers engaged by easily creating customer experience-based marketing rules and applying them in real time.
Curve comes with a built-in action center that is already connected to all of your favorite tools.

Engage Your Users
With Targeted Messages

Segment your users based on their profile and activity, and communicate with them on any device.
Send them emails, SMS messages, or push notifications
straight from the dashboard.

Take The Right Action
At the Right Time,

Personalize your customers’ journey by triggering automated, pre­defined actions in real time. Engage them, customize their experience, or just flag them on your database for future use. Use any of our built­-in or integrated 3rd­ party tools.



Define what action to take when something happens.


Re-engage lost users and get them to come back.


Send automated messages based on the user’s activity.

Feed Your Favorite Marketing Tools Customer-­Related Data

When you know all of your users, the steps they’ve taken, and the errors they’ve experienced, it’s easier to support and communicate with them. That’s why Curve comes fully integrated with your favorite CRMs, email services, support desks and lots of other tools.
It’s time to use your data to your advantage.

Increase Your Customer LTV
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You Are One Line of Code Away From
Understanding Your Users

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