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Unbiased machine learning – that works with you and for you – so you can get ahead of the Curve.

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Curve tells you what you should do today to secure the business results you want for tomorrow.


Curve’s solution harnesses machine learning to predict the optimized price point, personalized offering, point in the customer journey and more, so you can sell better, upsell and scale, today.


You do not have to be a data scientist to understand and use Curve. Our solution is friendly for marketers, analysts, product managers - even for a single merchant.

Free support

Even your support team needs support. Curve’s unbiased, unsupervised machine learning optimizes your support and help desk for free.



Actionable forecasts that will help you drive your business forward.


Machine learning uses 18 retention and lifetime users value types, scores them and searches different patterns in order to segment and provide recommendations based on the data collected.


Flexible platform and BI which enables every marketer to define his/her funnel events.

About Curve

At Curve, we want the fog that shrouds your business’ future to dissipate completely.


By applying our machine learning technology to enable correct use and analysis of collected data – we have done just that.


Curve provides accurate forecasts on the number of visitors expected to visit your site tomorrow, what they will buy and how their future purchasing activities can be maximized. Curve also provides you with predictive insights on inventory management that will save you money, enable you to prepare for special events and much more – all relevant information will be yours, ahead of time. This way, you can become a better merchant, increase sales and simplify even the most complex marketing operations.

With Curve, your business’ future is clearer than ever, right now.


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