Top 4 Tips for Shopify Sales Success

What can you do to make the most of your Shopify app endeavors?
With the world of e-commerce constantly growing, tools like Shopify are being developed to help businesses maximize sales & marketing efforts and remain competitive. Here are the top 4 tips to secure Shopify sales success and drive revenues for your e-business:

  1. Get to know your audience – as well as possible
    Don’t assume your target audience knows about your business and is ready to convert. Do your due diligence – research what your potential future customers want – and prepare your marketing activities and your inventory accordingly. Software that can anticipate your near-future sales outlook and predict your product sales needs can help you plan to supply every consumer demand.
  2. Optimize platforms and sales offerings
    Today’s shoppers seek personalized brick-and-mortar services, from the comfort of their laptop or mobile device. Optimize your e-store for multi-device usability, including mobile and ensure they receive custom care by implementing personalization tactics ahead of events and holidays and by tailoring upsell bundles to their unique behaviors and needs.
  3. Learn the closing value
    Did you know that there’s an optimal value (money or items) a cart should have in order for it to close? Some shoppers need to stay below a certain amount to avoid international taxes and duties, while others want to exceed a certain amount to be eligible for free shipping, etc.
    Determine the optimal closing value for each customer to ensure every shopping cart makes it through checkout.
  4. Use Curve
    With Curve’s Shopify App [insert link], you enjoy comprehensive prediction of your entire product sales future, as well as optimized product and/or service bundling and shopping cart value optimization – all in one! Unlike other solutions on the market, Curve uses machine learning technology that works with you and for you, to help you become a better merchant, increase sales and simplify even the most complex marketing operations.
    Want to get your next generation e-business ahead of the Curve?

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