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Curve Sales Optimization by Curve.Tech is the Shopify app that uses the latest technological innovations to predict your business’ future today. Check out this tutorial to learn how you can optimize sales practices, engagement & conversions and know your sales future and get ahead of the Curve, now.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy insights that help you take action and plan ahead for your customers’ ultimate digital shopping experience, satisfaction guaranteed? Curve Sales Optimization  by Curve helps you achieve just that, for your next-generation e-business. Let’s go over how exactly this is done, step-by-step:


The Insights banner, found at the top of the page under “Did you know?” will provide you with detailed information on existing sales behaviors, in addition to accurate forecasts on your site’s future visitors, what they will buy and how their future purchasing activities can be maximized. These insights are ordered according to importance. Click on the left hand and right hand arrows to change the insight on display.

Top 10

Here too, Curve’s machine learning technology analyzes collected consumer data, focusing on best selling products and product bundles and predicting which products and bundles will sell best in the near future, so you can manage your inventory ahead of the next sales day, week, month or special event.

The information displayed in the Top 10 section changes weekly, according to what our technology learns. The dashboard shows information for the week indicated in the time period field, and at what percentage of accuracy – the shopping cart icon indicates how many units will be sold and the boxes icons indicates how many units are in your inventory. This way, you’ll never miss a sale again!

Upsell Bundles

Want to know which products to offer together to increase sales? Our machine learning technology will recommend which future best-selling products will most likely increase sales when packaged as a bundle and sold together with other items in your inventory. FOR EXAMPLE: If a customer buys X, there is a 85% chance they will also buy Y & Z.

Here too, the information displayed in the Upsell Bundles section changes weekly, according to what our technology learns. The dashboard shows information for the week indicated in the time period field, and at what percentage of accuracy. The first item in each suggested bundle is a best seller, the other two are complimentary items that will sell better when either one is packaged with the best seller.

Special Days

Curve’s machine learning technology predicts sales for upcoming strongest and weakest days, so you can manage your inventory, ensure adequate support staff is on shift and create customized offers and bundles ahead of busy days, special events and holidays – and save your sales (and money spent on manpower) on slower sales days.

Curve’s technology also lets you know which tags works best, which product bundles will drive the most sales, what marketing campaign will result in the best results and when to act.

The information displayed in the Special Days section changes weekly, according to what our technology learns.The dashboard shows information for the week indicated in the time period field – which products and how many units of each will be sold on the week’s strongest and weakest days.


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Why Curve?

Curve’s machine learning technology gathers and analyzes customer data, generating actionable insights that you can use now to push your business ahead of the Curve tomorrow. Curve also provides you with predictive insights on inventory management that will save you money, enable you to prepare for special events and much more – all relevant information will be yours, ahead of time.


Unlike other solutions on the market, our technology is easy-to-use, designed with the business user in mind. You do not have to be a data scientist to understand and use Curve. Our solution is friendly for marketers, analysts, product managers, single merchants – and now, even for you.

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