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With Curve, you can enjoy insights that help you take action and plan ahead for your customers’ ultimate digital shopping experience.


Check out this Sales optimization by Curve tutorial to learn how you can optimize sales practices, engagement & conversions, know your sales future and get ahead of the Curve today.


Let’s go over how exactly this is done, step-by-step:


The Insights banner, found at the top of the page under “Did you know?” will provide you with concise information on your business.

For example: This month, your top 3 products were: (Click to open)

These insights are ordered according to importance. You can click on the left-hand and right-hand arrows to change the insight on display.

Top products

This feature shows the top products that will be sold in the upcoming week. It updates every week according to what our machine learns.

View the date on the side of the dashboard, right here >> SCREENSHOT >>

Knowing your top sellers helps you plan your marketing campaign strategy – and decide whether to promote your top sellers or your weaker products

The dashboard shows information for the week indicated in the designated time-period field, and at what percentage of accuracy. Here you can see how many units will be sold versus how many units are currently in your inventory.

Upsell Bundles

Our machine learning technology will recommend which future best-selling products will most likely increase sales when packaged as a bundle.

For example: If a customer buys X, there is a 85% chance they will also buy Y & Z.

Here too, the information changes weekly, according to what our technology learns.

Many times, Curve will take into account factors that are not always evident to the human eye.

Special Days

Here you can see your strongest and weakest days of each week (and of course special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday). Knowing which days will bring strong sales and which bring weak sales ahead of time will allow you to plan your campaigns accordingly.

Whether you want to run campaigns on your strongest or weakest days, is up to you.

The information displayed in the Special Days section updates weekly.

In the dashboard (which you can view right here>>) you see information for the week, indicated in the designated time-period field, including which products and how many units of each will be sold, on the week’s strongest and weakest days.


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Why Curve?

Being an e-commerce merchant is tough enough, Curve features the simplest, most human friendly, easy-to-use dashboard: no graphs, no piles of data, just clear, simple conclusions.

Curve’s machine learning technology gathers and analyzes your Shopify data, cross-examines it with worldwide holidays, calendars, stock exchanges, and even the weather, and generates simple actionable insights for you, today.

Curve also provides you with predictive insights on inventory management that will enable you to prepare for special events ahead of time, give you peace of mind, and save you money.

Whether you’re a marketer a single merchant, or an analyst, Curve has some amazing tools to help you get ahead…of the Curve.

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